Saturday, June 15, 2013

More All About Me

I have not posted or worked on the blog for well over two years. Why? Because every time I did I thought "this has no cohesion, this isn't about anything." But that confusion just led to stagnation. Today I woke up and decided it's about things I like. It's a method for keeping my thoughts and dreams and interests in one place, if for no other reason, than to fuel my failing memory. (Nope, not failing in the big-picture medical sense, just failing in the my brain is too crowded to hold all this stuff sense.)

So what do I like? Books, particularly Young Adult books but not usually the distopian ones although occasionally those, too. And contemporary fiction provided it doesn't veer too close to thriller or mystery territory although there are exceptions to that rule, too. But mostly realistic YA stuff. I love writing and have written 13 published books but have shown NOTHING to anyone in the last few years because the terror that is wrapped up in my flailing confidence has prevented me from doing so. I still revel in the sweeping power that music has on our emotions and lives and like many different genres and bands and people but never (and this is a cliche I know but) never pop music although I did have a very realistic dream once that I wrote "Since You Been Gone" for Kelly Clarkson and she was very thankful. I honestly believe I missed my calling — I should have been a pop songwriter. I used to like TV, no I take that back, I used to LOVE TV but now, I can honestly take it or leave it. All of it. Even the good stuff. But let's face it, I always loved the bad stuff. I don't eat that gluten crud anymore because when I do my fingers and knees stop working. Like, Stop. Working. So while I get that from many folks' perspectives, it seems like a crazy fad, I like my fingers to work so I also like stuff without gluten. I like clothes but not too fancy crazy clothes, I love shoes, all kinds, even fancy ones, and I am on the constant hunt for new and ingenious ways to tame my once curly now just frizzy hair. Other random things that interest me: when science is explained in fun and easy to understand layman's terms, middle and high school education, good design of all kinds, people taking major leaps in their lives and trying something new, make-up, veganism - although I am not a vegan I think about it a lot, politics as they apply to me or rather as I understand them to apply to me, my daughter Tuesday, my dog Ozzie and my husband Jeff.

So that's it. a bunch of stuff collected because I like it. I don't expect anyone to read it except me but I bet there are a couple of people who have the same likes as me, maybe sans the daughter Tuesday.


Unknown said...

I began to read your book "30 days to finding and keeping.." just last week. I saw the title and decided I want to read it and I don't care what my gender is i'm going to read it. I like it... so far.