Wednesday, June 01, 2011

I Finally Watched Twilight

I find Robert Pattinson crazy cute, so I expected to at least be charmed by him, although his vampire vacancy left me wanting something else, like the semblance of actual feelings. I think he was actually cuter as Cedric Diggory. An adult friend told me that she thought the movie had great lessons for today's teen, and by that I can only think she meant that the restraint that Edward held for Bella in not biting her is some sort of metaphor for abstinence. Because the film (and the book) are chock a block full of really awful messages to young girls: they fall in love because of looks and mystery and not anything concrete or meaningful; they fall in love way too fast, presumably at first sight; he is constantly saving the helpless she. And then there is the line -- and the whole overtone of the series -- that Bella would rather die than be without Edward.

Having said all that, it was marginally entertaining, total fluff, but don't try and tell me this is good for us. Or teens, or girls of any age.