Wednesday, December 12, 2007

So we got a new puppy, who is mega cute and mega annoying. She nips and barks and pips and grrs and jumps and I forgot how hard it is to have a new pup! But she is cute and the best part is how when she sleeps, she cuddles up to George our older dog like she's her own personal pillow. And George lets her. George lets her do most anything and occasionally puts Ozzie's little head in her big mouth (oh, they're just playing!)

Everyone is doing their round-ups of Best Songs of 2007 and I love this time of year because I will always find something I haven't heard of on someone's list that I give a listen to that just rox my sox. This year it's a band called Bodies of Water. This is such a Clea band-- weird choral-like back-ups, female lead vocals, peppy music that belies the over dramatic nature of the lyrics! Love it. Found this one on Bon Ton's round-up of 2007 faves.

Bodies of Water, "Our Friends Appear Like The Dawn"

I may do my own list soon, but honestly, it's going to be very predictable (in other words, Wilco will top it.) The other artist I fell in love with this year was Maia Hirasawa, from Hello Saferide, but I actually don't own the album. I want to. But it's a $32 import. I'll pony up post holidaze. I just love everything I heard from her. Fresh, clean, brisk girl-pop with a Swedish accent.

Maia Hirasawa, "And I Found This Boy"

So my book comes out January 9th, less than one month away. And I should let you know, I finished the follow up already, it's about FRIENDSHIP and I'm pretty happy with it. My editor is the best. That book just wasn't clicking with me entirely until she got her hands on it.

So anyway, 30 DAYS TO GETTING OVER THE DORK: A Heartbreak Handbook, will be out next month. Request me at your local Borders or indie bookseller! I have made these DORK BINGO game cards, got myself a bunch of bingo markers and am ready to roll. I'm going to bring them to my in-store appearances and we're gonna play games. And maybe make some voo doo dolls out of old socks, who knows. Look back here, I'm going to post some of that stuff for download on this here blog i case I ain't coming to your town.

That's the latest. Thanks for visiting and reading and just being you. xoxo

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My Latest Book & Blog

Just a little reminder that I have set up a blog for my latest book, which drops this time next year. It's called 30 DAYS TO GETTING OVER THE DORK YOU USED TO CALL A BOYFRIEND. It will be released through Delacorte, the fabulous people who brought you King Dork and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. The blog features the best BREAK-UP MUSIC since the book is all about moving on from a bad relationship. I'm posting over there more than anywhere else these days (although occasionally smALL AGES is still seeing some play.) Check it out and don't hesitate to leave a comment on your favorite Break-Up song, movie, book or otherwise.

Oh, and that's the current cover, although it may still change... thoughts?