Monday, March 20, 2006

About Clea's Fascinating Life

Born a small non-denominational child in San Francisco, Clea's life quickly took a wrong turn and she ended up growing up in a town called Hollywood. Florida. Which is really, really flat. And hot. It was a life filled with too many Nacho Cheese Doritos and trips to 7-11 on her Huffy and it was a life had in a house filled with noxious pumped in faux air and More (the brand *and* the adjective) Menthol cigarette smoke.

Clea returned to Cali in her teen years but this time chose the southern end. It is there that she still resides, quite happily, with her hilarious and handsome husband and her even funnier (and shockingly beautiful) daughter.

But what of those in-between years? There was her unfortunate Super Big Gulp addiction. Clea was notorious for her used record store attitude, a sad attribute garnered from her other addiction, hoarding too much useless musical knowledge. She co-owned a small shop called Wonderama in downtown San Diego that sold bitchin wares from her tormented childhood. She worked for the racy and questionable International Male catalog as their chief copywriter. She did a lot more stuff that is mostly, now, inconsequential. It was good. Real good. But it's even better now.

Clea has now written 12 books for major publishers. She's concepted for major ad agencies and worked on campaigns for Target, Hello Kitty and a beer company that will remain nameless. Clea wrote girl-centric video games and answered an advice column for, and now has a column and blog about shopping in San Diego over at City Beat. Clea even opened up a bar and restaurant in San Diego with a couple of partners. Random, right? But that's Clea. If there is one word that describes her, it's random. Oh, and short. Short and random. That's two words.


tricktoe said...

"Haley, where's the remote!"

Unknown said...

I live in the Bay Area!