Friday, August 25, 2006

Secret Heart

I admit it. My husband had to point out that "Secret Heart" was a Ron Sexsmith song. The husband has a soft spot for Ron Sexsmith's romantic man songs.

I had Tivo'd Feist on Carson Daly (and fast forwarded till she appeared, man he bugs) and it was a repeat from an April 06 performance but we hadn't seen it before. She did "Secret Heart," but differently than the record, very differently. And very differently from Ron Sexsmith. And then, on further inspection, I realized, pretty differently from her KCRW appearance from earlier this year. The husband actually uttered the words "mad props" about Leslie Feist's efforts to mix it up each time and despite the ridiculously ill chosen words (he's not 15, really) I know what he meant. It isn't fun for the audience when a song is played often and the same. I suspect it would be even less fun for the performer. It just makes me like her all the more. Now, is is just me or is she like Joni Mitchell crossed with Patti Smith but thoroughly modern? That's how I see her. Her voice has that quality that is thick and dirgy at times but still remains feminine and I love it. Wanna hear what I mean? Here are all the versions, including Sexsmith's (which is just loverly and sweet and almost heartbreakingly slow.)

Ron Sexsmith, "Secret Heart"
Feist, "Secret Heart" (from Let It Die)
Feist, "Secret Heart" (live on KCRW, 06)
Feist, "Secret Heart" (live on Carson Daly, April, 06)

Wanna watch? Here is the video from her performance.

My favorite version? The Carson Daly one.

I love 80s movies, especially the John Hughes flicks. PureBoredom has posted a bunch of the songs from various 80s teen comedies. Weird Science anyone? Anywho, one of the anonymous commentators said he left out "Some Kind of Wonderful," which is possibly my most favorite of the lot. So I may have to get on that and post that next week. Then he goes and posts songs from Cameron Crowe movies! Yippee. Head on over to PureBoredom to see it all.