Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I may have the itunes on shuffle but I keep coming back to the same five or so songs of late. All, save for one, are hot on the blogs right now, but I figure my five or so readers that I have here aren't really stalking all the blogs so these may be new to you.

I'll start with the one that hasn't been all over the blogs, although while it was recorded several weeks ago, it's sort of old news. See, it's from my latest guilty pleasure, Rock Star: Supernova. Only Supernova isn't a band that features Gilby Clarke, Tommy Lee and the poorly spoken Jason Newsted, it's a band I saw a zillion times in the 90s that sings great songs like "Chewbaca" and "Books!" But anyway, those three asinine aforementioned bad-rock men continue to call themselves Supernova and I continue to watch the trainwreck. Mostly because of now-kicked out contestant Zayra Alvarez. Who is now gone. Which is a drag. The recording below is of one of my favorite songs and she rocked it. And they panned her. Stupid asinine men. The visual was as good as the vocals but I'm not gonna bother with You Tube because the show is so friggin bad I shouldn't even be giving it a mention. And yet, I keep watching. I love the way she sings the chorus, love it. I adore her awkwardly beautiful voice and her take on this song is just electrifying to me. But yeah, they booted her a week later.

Zayra Alvarez, "All the Young Dudes"

TV on the Radio is such a blog-adored band and this has been everywhere. But I love the energy of this song, the way it builds and builds and it makes me get up and head bang and jump around and a new song has not made me do that in awhile. If I'm in public and listening to this song it's ever so hard not to sing along. I end up rocking back and forth with a vengeance, quiet on the outside, raging loud on the inside.

TV on the Radio, "Wolf Like Me"

Oh, got to run. The other three songs. Tomorrow (or thereabouts.)

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