Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Cupcakes,
A Short Story by Clea

Howdy. Anybody there? I've finally finished moving stuff over from my original site to this blog-based one. Yay! And I have folded my "Yer Little Sister" site into this one. Okay so no one is probably reading this BUT JUST IN CASE, I have written a short story called "The Cupcakes" and you, yes you, can read it by going over to that lovely side bar to the right and scrolling down to the place where it says "The Cupcakes." Read it chapter by chapter and then tell me what you think. So far the only comment I've gotten was from my agent who said it was too meta for her. Yeah. And that's why it's here on my blog and not out in the world making the pub rounds. Still, I think it's entertaining. Deeply flawed but entertaining.

Anyway start over on the sidebar or start here:

The Cupcakes, Chapter One

That's a picture of Sahara Hotnights that I made into my faux cover for the book so since I'm ripping them off graphically I may as well do the same aurally. Here is a song from the girls:

Sahara Hotnights, "Alright, Alright"

Remember, my latest book is out, "I Wanna Make My Own Clothes."
And you can still get my very first book, "Hey, Day" through Merch Lackey.